Network of social economy in Belarus


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Crowdsourcing is rapidly developing in modern realities, and it often serves as a model for solving a huge number of challenges, arising both in business and in the public sector, and facing society as a whole.
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Social Entrepreneurship

In fact, there’s no clear or universally approved definition of the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship, because the semantic content has been significantly transformed at the extent of the development of the phenomenon, and more, at the moment the term "social enterprise" includes different features…
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Crowdfunding is now popular phenomenon, quite within hearing . The word crowdfunding, as is clear from the translation, means funding by crowd; it can be said, it is a complete analogue of the phrase “many a little makes a mickle".
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Crowd technologies

In this article we will try to consider the most effective and popular tools from the rich set of crowd technologies, very fashionable nowadays, as well as to understand the benefits of their use by social enterprises.
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