Portal of social economy in Belarus


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Social Cooperative


Oksana Bernatskaya: I like to help people who want to do something

Oksana Bernadskaya is one of those who are called life activists. Such people, wherever they are, create movement around themselves. And now the usual change of residence - moving to the village of Borovlyany near Minsk - resulted in the creation of an "EcoLife" leisure center for adults and children.
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Philosophy of Kindness at "Family Pier"

Christmas and New Year is the time to share joy and warmth with those who especially need it. Boarding House for Elderly and Disabled People “Family pier” is located in the village of Voigany. This is the first private institution of that kind in Belarus.
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«A man after prison can only rob a kiosk again»

How the company lives, where people with HIV, disability and former prisoners work. At first, Skillful Kolobok was engaged in packing and selling nails, then exclusive household goods and rugs for disinfection during the African swine fever were developed here.
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«When the delegation left, I was told that I fired»

A resident of Turov built a wellness center with a hydropathic in her hometown, and she was fired for that.
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