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Disable Employment


Lukashenko ordered to employ disabled people. What do you think, will it work?

The President believes that issues of employment of people with disabilities, need no privileges for employers, but the personal responsibility of the officials for the fate of people with disabilities.
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The Roly-Poly rushes to the rescue, or Who is engaged in labour rehabilitation in Svetlogorsk?

We visited the Svetlogorsk social enterprise "A skillful Roly-Poly” (“A skillful Kolobok”) which gives work to HIV-infected people and ex-inmates. It also employs people with disabilities. The company produces household goods, ritual products. How does live the enterprise which has brought together all categories of vulnerable citizens, manage to survive? This is what we have talked about with the director of the LLC "A skillful Roly-Poly” Natalia Strelchenko.>

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The immortal "Gantsavicki Chas": "for us crisis is habitual atmosphere"

The independent local newspaper in a small village of Gantsavichi is not only able to feed itself, but is going now, in crisis, to increase the circulation. How will “Gantsavicki Chas” (“The Gantsevichi Time”) carry out such an ambitious project and why has the publication become a public reception room?…
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How can a Social Enterprise survive in crisis, and why was Ecclesiastes wrong

In troubled times, when the economy slows down, life is not easy to everybody. Roughly speaking, no one is buying anything, no one is selling anything. It goes without saying that social enterprises in this situation are in particular difficulties.
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