Portal of social economy in Belarus


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About Us

About Us

CINGO stands for Civil Society Network of Groups and Organisations.

Cingo will contribute to strengthen and develop the organisations of Civil Society/Social economy in Belarus, mainly through transfer and exchange of knowledge and capacity building.

The Belarusian NGOs will be able to take part in the fight against unemployment and poverty by developing social economy/civil society. There will be more social cooperatives for disadvantaged groups, which means job opportunities for disabled people and others outside labour market.

The project will increase the potential of the Belarusian social economy organisations and through that they are a stronger part of the local/regional communities. Through achieved empowerment in the project the Social Economy in Belarus will also be able to convince local and regional authorities that the sector can contribute to the Belarusian society.

with the support of:

Hela Sverige ska leva (All Sweden shall live) is a national association consisting of the above mentioned 4 700 village action groups and 40 member organisations - many of these are large national NGOs. There are 24 county networks, working with information and advisory services on a county level. These county councils are formed by the local action groups of the county. A board consisting of representatives from the local groups and member organisations is responsible for current activities. A small secretariat in Stockholm handles contacts, administration and information.

Centre for Social Innovation - our mission is the development of free, creative, socially active individuals and those human societies that are built on cooperation and mutual respect. This requires us to conduct significant changes in all areas of life, and promote such changes. We try to be the catalyst of social processes that match our mission and lead to the development of civil society.