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Marina Roshchina's training on the basics of marketing - as it was (photo by Alisa Ahramovich)

Published on: 09.10.2019

The long-awaited training of Marina Roshchina - "Fundamentals of marketing technologies and the search for the uniqueness of social projects" brought together the most active participants in our network. This time our meeting was held in a new place: in the institution "Active Environment", with Natalia Ampleeva.

For two days we searched for weaknesses in the marketing of our enterprises and found new solutions.

CINGO is an opportunity to receive information, the information that I need right now. I wonder at Leonid how he can predict that this time has come. The information received at the training is adapted to today's realities. Important points of each organization are selected and recommendations for action are given. The coach revealed every idea and gave inspiration and motivation for further work” - said Elena Strakh.

Now, the cooperation of the CINGO network participants with Marina Roshchina and the Faynaya on the Right company will continue individually.

Video from training VIA LINK (in russian)