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«A man after prison can only rob a kiosk again»

Published on: 27.12.2019

How the company lives, where people with HIV, disability and former prisoners work. At first, Skillful Kolobok was engaged in packing and selling nails, then exclusive household goods and rugs for disinfection during the African swine fever were developed here.
Since childhood, I set myself up that I should work where I can, and not where I want. People with disabilities must constantly prove that they are no worse than others. All my life I need to adapt. I have had very poor eyesight since childhood. But for me you will never say that, because I am very adapted, — says Natalya Strelchenko, manager of the Skillful Kolobok social enterprise in Svetlogorsk, and head of the Equal Opportunities public association.
Almost two years ago, we created Equal Opportunities. We have gathered here all the public associations of the city. After all, a person who came from prison does not know where to go. And he can only rob a kiosk again and return to prison. Therefore, such people should be provided with comprehensive assistance, and someone needs to heal. People with disabilities and those who raise children with disabilities also need help, — says Natalya.

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