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«When the delegation left, I was told that I fired»

Published on: 22.12.2019

A resident of Turov built a wellness center with a hydropathic in her hometown, and she was fired  for that.
It so happens that the good done is answered with evil, and not everyone is able to survive this injustice. Once the chief doctor of the Turov hospital, and now the mistress of the farmstead Irina Sergeychik not only managed to do this, but was also able to see the world in a new way.
We are talking with Irina in the house of her grandfathers, that, however, burned down during the war and was rebuilt afterwards. Now here is the manor "Kolo Strumenya" - this is in Turov style. Strumen is a tributary of Pripyat river, and there is a manor near it. There are no banquet halls, billiard rooms and many other components designed for the tourist flow. But there is a warm stove, a bright kitchen, cozy rooms with beds from childhood. With curtains sewn by the hands of the hostess, and self-woven blankets. With hand-embroidered towels and napkins, as well as a huge grandfather's chest. This house has its own soul, and, as Irina admits, she does not accept everyone here.

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