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I hasten to live, because I know what it means to be sick

Published on: 02.12.2019

On the verge of life and death

We met with Valery Chertkov from Brest at one of the meetings of CINGO network. Valery works in a private firm in the sphere of housing and communal services. And his weekends he often carries on business connected with the development of the organization, which helps people confronted with the necessity of organ transplantation. He already survived two kidney transplants himself.

“Nine years ago, when I got sick, I thought that my life was over,” says Valery. - Then they did the first operation. Life before and after surgery is like living in a room where there is neither light nor air, and then go out to the street.

The interlocutor gives an example: a healthy person wakes up in the morning and makes plans: today you need to do this, after a week - these things, and after a month - something else ... But all this becomes impossible when the kidneys cease to cope with their functions and dialysis is prescribed...

Work makes it possible not to think about the disease, but to switch to other things. Now Valery dreams of creating a social enterprise where people who find it difficult to get a “regular” job will work. First of all, it about the people with disabilities.

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