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Oksana Bernatskaya: I like to help people who want to do something

Published on: 30.12.2019

New Year's story about how to improve life around you and stay happy.

Oksana Bernadskaya is one of those who are called life activists. Such people, wherever they are, create movement around themselves. And now the usual change of residence - moving to the village of Borovlyany near Minsk - resulted in the creation of an "EcoLife" leisure center for adults and children.

Oksana Bernadskaya: We moved to a new house, where the neighbors did not even say hello to each other. And I thought it would be nice to at least celebrate the New Year together. I visited around 114 apartments in our house, talked with all the residents, everyone said that they would be interested. Then I posted an announcement about the meeting, to which, besides me, only two people came. I am writing a second announcement - 5 people came in a week. At the third meeting - already 7 people. We began to negotiate and staged a home holiday that has already been attended by 25 people.

Oksana was inspired by the course that she took at the Office of European Expertise and Communications on leadership in local communities to develop relations with her neighbors. Her own experience also played a role: it became inconvenient to take her son to Minsk learning clubs - so why not create activity near the home? Thus was born the institution for public events. They thoroughly approached its creation, and the charter, among other things, prescribed the opportunity to earn money. They rented a small office on 18 square meters, where the psychologist began to conduct classes for a school for girls with needlework and trainings. Then there was a man who agreed to teach computer literacy courses in Borovlyany - and it really worked: 60 people wished to take part.  

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