Portal of social economy in Belarus


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What is the life of the center of social services and whether they have a future? [with English subtitles]

Published on: 20.05.2019

There are about 150 territorial service centers for the population in Belarus. Departments of adaptation, rehabilitation and day care for the elderly, people with disabilities - and those who are in difficult life situations.

For many visitors, such centers is the only thing that allows them to feel involved in public life, not to live in isolation, but to actively communicate and find support. There, people acquire the skills of needlework, master foreign languages, dance, communicate.

What is Territorial Center of Social Service real life? What is the effect of their work? Do they have a future and can they earn money on themselves? And what is a “Third age” University and what motivates the center employees to work?

In this episode we will talk about the Vileika Territorial Center of Social Service and Soligorsk District Territorial Center of Social Service.