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Philosophy of Kindness at "Family Pier"

Published on: 29.12.2019

Christmas and New Year is the time to share joy and warmth with those who especially need it.

Boarding House for Elderly and Disabled People “Family pier” is located in the village of Voigany in the Volozhinsky district. This is the first private institution of its kind in Belarus. It is located in a former school building. The construction was empty and, probably, would have fallen into decay long ago if in 2012 the future director of the boarding school Elena Dubovik hadn’t looked after it.

 I worked in the Red Cross, then my mother got sick. I had seen enough of adults and sick people, so I decided to create a boarding house. Not all is measured by money! - tells Elena Dubovik the story of the creation of the “Family Pier”.

It was not easy: in the old building, which the boarding house rented, we had to change the sewer, change the boiler room, change the floor on the first floor, equip the showers, paint the walls, glue wallpaper, buy furniture ... Without the help of partners, this would all be impossible. The “Family Pier” is assisted by a foundation from the city of Katwijk (Netherlands), the Belarusian Charitable Foundation Euphrosyne of Polotsk, and the Alexander Tikhonovich Foundation comes with concerts. In 2015, the boarding house joined the network of Belarusian social enterprises CINGO, which helps in establishing communication and finding partners.

Now in the former school there are living rooms for 45 people, a room for rest, meals, kitchen, laundry, other household and administrative premises. Elderly people here receive proper care, medical care, and places to spend free time and chat with peers.

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