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The secret of the success of “Baran Arabesque”

Published on: 26.11.2019

Small sewing enterprise, that has grown into modern production with quality products and created an employment system for youth with disabilities.

The small town of Baran is located under Orsha. What is so special about it? One of the most successful social enterprises in the country is located there, where more than 60% of workers are young people with disabilities.

In 2010, the Belarusian Association for Helping Children and Young People with Disabilities registered the "Baran Arabesque" enterprise here. Now it is the only social enterprise in the public sector in the whole Orsha region where youth with disabilities can undergo social rehabilitation and labor adaptation. There are several more state enterprises, but only people with a mild form of disability can work there. But workers with more severe forms of disability who require an escort sometimes get into "Baran Arabesque".

The main direction of production is sewing bags, decorative handbags, cosmetic bags, shoppers. The products are based on local ecological Belarusian linen. Another important component of Baran bags, in addition to environmental friendliness, is the storage of Belarusian traditions. Therefore, bags with ornaments and folk motifs are very popular at the enterprise. But they also try to use modern ideas in design.

Now nine people work here, six of them with disabilities. In total, 15 people passed labor adaptation here during the existence of the enterprise. And five of them were able to find work in the open market, said Lyudmila Frantova, director of Baran Arabesque. It seems to be quite a bit for the whole area. But sometimes you have to look for employees, and this is not so simple.

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