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You can live fully and in joy in a Care Home

Published on: 30.08.2019

Is it worth to condemn the person who sent father or mother to the Care Home? I think - no, because living in a family does not mean living fully and in joy. And so everyone who at least once faced caring for an old man thinks so. Especially if age or illness has hit not only motor activity, but also the mind.

Often children cannot quit work and sit around the clock at the bed of a feeble father or mother. They also need to eat, dress, give birth and raise children. And with all due respect to parents, children should not give up on themselves and devote themselves entirely to an elderly relative who, due to illness, requires constant attention and care.

How do people live in such a difficult situations?

The film will be about CINGO partners - the Care Home "Family pier" and "Skillful Kolobok", where work people with disabilities and people who have been in prison.